A joint initiative between RSPCA Victoria, BirdLife Australia, Wildlife Victoria and Outward Bound Australia.

Did you know that Australia is home to 17 native duck species? Yet  five in six Victorians do not know the names of any native duck species. 

Together, RSPCA Victoria, BirdLife Australia, Wildlife Victoria and Outward Bound Australia want to change this and build a nation of duck lovers who are passionate and knowledgeable about native ducks and the wetlands they call home.  

We think more Victorians would love ducks and care about their welfare if they knew more about them, and that’s where Discover Ducks comes in. This campaign seeks to build Victorians’ knowledge about the weird, wonderful, curious and diverse range of ducks that call Australia home.  

Not only do we want Victorians to learn about native ducks but discover them too by visiting their local wetlands to see these beautiful birds in their natural habitat. Head over to our duck spotting map to learn about best places to spot ducks and even share some of your own duck-spotting locations.  

You can even spread the word and share your duck sightings and photos by using the hashtag #discoverducks across social media.  

So, get quacking and Discover Ducks now.