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Did you know that Australia is home to 17 native duck species? That’s right, 17 native ducks! Yet five in six Victorians can’t name a single one! We want to change this and build a nation of duck lovers who are passionate and knowledgeable about our native ducks. 

Not only are native ducks beautiful with striking, colorful plumage, but they are also diverse and unique. 

Some ducks live their lives on open water, whereas others prefer waddling on grasslands. Other species of ducks dive deep under water to find their food while some prefer ‘dabbling’ on the water’s surface. Many native ducks form life-long breeding bonds raising their ducklings together across multiple breeding seasons. Some species of duck build their nests high up in trees, while others prefer moving in close to water. And while some ducks are common, found in abundance across Victoria’s suburbs and wetlands, others are shy and a little trickier to spot.  

There is so much to learn about our native ducks, and we’ve chosen eight for you to discover. 

Get quacking and Discover Ducks now. 

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